Yerbana Mate

An energizing and rejuvenating beverage that empowers a balanced and healthy life!


Local Coffee Spot (South Lake Union) is proud to offer Yerbana Mate beverages! Yerbana Mate doesn’t use extract, syrup, or concentrate. They make small-batch, real steeped tea, carbonating the entire brew like a craft beer. Allowing us to offer the health benefits and aroma of naturally prepared tea with a craft sparkling finish.

What Is Yerba Mate?

Yerba Mate comes from the dried leaves of a small tree in the holly family (Ilex paraguariensis). Native to South America it was first prepared by the indigenous Guarani as a social beverage and a medicinal tonic, due to its unique blend of stimulating and health promoting compounds. They believed it was a source of longevity and vitality, and viewed it as a divine gift.

In many parts of South America, Mate surpasses coffee as the most widely consumed stimulant. With dedicated shops and varying preparations, it’s still common to see people drink it the traditional way, by passing a gourd in a circle amongst friends and sipping from a filtered straw called a bombilla. One reason we love Mate is because of the social buzz we get from it, and the spirit of sharing and community it promotes.

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Classic, Mint, Peach

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